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The territory of Finale Ligure offers a multitude of ways to spend holidays in the most varied and enjoyable way you could wish, here are some tips to introduce you to our territory in the most fun ways.


Speleology is first of all an exploration to discover underground waters and paths that water has dig inside of the earth, generating wells and tunnels, the caves. Speleologist ascertain and document their relations. more

Scaling the Rocks


To describe the birth and development of climbing in Finale, we need to start from our incredible territory, one of the most extensive areas in Italy. Its thanks to the splendid limestone that surrounds us that , back in the 1968th , the first streets of Finale were opened. Today Finale is one of the paradise of this discipline.


Mountain Biking

Already at the end of the ‘80s , in Finale were organized the first mountain bike races, renowned by top riders for particularly technical tracks. The late ‘80s competitions are famous: they were honored by the presence of Paola Pezzo and Hubert Pallhuber who lead to attract more and more attentions to Finale. more

Jumping Mountain Biker

Running e Trekking

Finale Ligure is a territory linked to the nature in all its forms and to all the activities connected to it ( like the sea, the beach, the mountain, the air). Finale is a favorite destination for outdoor, and all the activities are closely linked to natural elements. more

Dog Friendly

The Municipality of Finale Ligure, in collaboration with the associations of marine baths and hoteliers , has equipped itself with facilities that welcome pets. Finale Ligure is a DOG FRIENDLY! more


Events and culture

Every year there are organized events by the Municipal Administration, as international festivals, which have a particular importance and prestice due to their cultural and artistic value. more

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